How to change footer style.

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  2.  Unhook this module from displaFooter. 7ab45b3f47b54fbaa248528da7dbecf1[1]
  3.  Register this module to displayFooter hook. 5b73140158e54b97a01da99f91671d06[1]Now Install this module da5d5efaa7bb4e1f9fccea9516d281db[1] or just register this module to ‘displayLogoContact’ hook.
  4.  Now Install this module d879ea6e06914da29b276a10a9cd90f0[1] or you can register this module to ‘displayFooter’ hook. also add tag to a product from dashboard -> catelog. 22c5b52f2e694dbea2a28ed7de07c4f4[1]
  5.  Now Install this module . or you can register this module to ‘displayFooter’ hook.
  6. Now fill up all the necessary information to work the  twitter module.. 28ff9364985f44a6a078375cc02db870[1]
  7. Now enable the newsletter block module. bcdfed122ab4464d9acdce276f3bc54d[1]
  8. Now Register the newsletter module to ‘displayfooter’ hook. 05a8eb44330d42b3a22b484bd016caf7[1]
  9. Now install this module def4ae5e1ac3477b9c6cb242969006b3[1] . and just register this module to ‘displayNewsletterSocialBlock’ hook.


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